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I Just Got My New Mac! What's Next?

Stan Smith

You just bought your new Mac! Congratulations! But now what? This book is designed for everyone new to Apple's Mac computers, whether you’ve been using other systems for years, or you’re new to the world of computers in general. Loaded with informational graphics and step-by-step instructions, I Just Got My New Mac! What’s Next? will take you through all of the basics so that you can use your Mac comfortably and efficiently. Chapters include: The Basic Setup The Finder Setting Your System Preferences Organizing and Accessing Things Connecting Your Mac with the Outside World Updates and Upgrades Keeping Your Mac Secure and Private Backing Up with Time Machine

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A Better Lie

Kerry J Charles

18 Life Lessons from the Game of Golf

The game of golf that we recognize today has a history stretching back nearly 600 years. People young and old, from cultures around the world, all play the game. Anything that endures to such an extent has to resonate with human nature. A BETTER LIE compares the game to common life situations that we all encounter. In the rough? Face your demons. A long drive? Be comfortable with the outcome of a calculated risk. A better lie? Know when you just need to do the right thing.

Golf is a game of etiquette, dress codes, ethics and integrity. The way someone plays speaks volumes about who he or she is as a person. A BETTER LIE reflects on the game as it parallels a golfer’s life in general, or rather, a life well played.

Chapters include:

  • A Better Lie (Know when you just need to do the right thing)
  • Club Selection (Analyze your options, then go with your gut)
  • Laying Up (Know your limits and have the courage to acknowledge them)
  • In the Rough (Face your demons)
  • The Long Drive (Be comfortable with the outcome of a calculated risk).

Whether a wonderful gift for the golfer in your world, or a personal way to contemplate your own game and life, A BETTER LIE is a thoughtful and enjoyable read for golfers of all ages.

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Pictorial Golf

H.B. Martin

Practical Instruction for the beginner and valuable hints for the star!

The equipment has changed thanks to technology (used your mashie niblick lately?) but physics and anatomy have not. As relevant today as it was nearly a century ago and now digitally remastered, this 1925 classic will be available Spring 2019.

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