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The Hand That Feeds You

by Kerry J Charles

Book 6 in the DULCIE CHAMBERS MYSTERIES series: 

As if running an art museum wasn’t enough, Dr. Dulcinea Chambers now finds herself in battle with the new board of directors chair, Vanessa Rich, who is on a ruthless quest to trim the budget in any way she can. Her cost-cutting measures will begin with selling off Dulcie’s antique office furniture, much to Dulcie’s bewilderment. Detective Nicholas Black is no less perplexed when falconry expert Esmerelda Graves barges into the police station insisting that one of her prized birds has been murdered. Ulterior motives are certainly at play as Dulcie finds that Vanessa stands to profit from the sales, while Nick learns that Esmerelda’s raptors are carrying tiny video cameras. When the seemingly disconnected worlds of these two shady women begin to intertwine, and a most certainly murdered person turns up where the dead bird was found, Dulcie and Nick need hawk-like precision to determine why… before someone else falls prey.

The Seduction of Sophia

The first of the TUSCAN TRILOGY Romance series: 

by Isobel Abano

Sophia's life in 1735 London is uprooted when her widowed mother marries a wealthy Italian count and moves Sophia, along with her sister Maria, to his villa near the cosmopolitan city of Florence. Sophia's love of the pianoforte and the music of Vivaldi isn't enough to make her believe that she'll be happy in Florence, until she meets the Count's son, Dante. As impresario of one of Florence's theater companies, he is entrenched in opera. Is their shared passion in music enough to bring them together, or will his disdain for all things English, along with her longing to return home to London, separate them forever? 

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I Just Got My New Mac! What's Next? 

macOS Catalina 10.15 Edition

by Stan Smith

You just bought your New Mac! Congratulations! But now what?This book is designed for everyone new to Apple's Mac computers, whether you’ve been using other systems for years, or you’re new to the world of computers in general. Loaded with informational graphics and step-by-step instructions, I Just Got My New Mac! What’s Next? will take you through all of the basics so that you can use your Mac comfortably and efficiently.

 Chapters include: The Basic Setup

The Finder

Setting Your System Preferences

Organizing and Accessing Things

Connecting Your Mac with the Outside World

Updates and Upgrades

Keeping Your Mac Secure and Private

Backing Up with Time Machine

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